Weekly Home Fellowships

Weekly Schedule of Events:

10:00 AM Weekly Morning Worship Service* Pastor Jay
10:00 AM Weekly Children’s Sunday School Marilyn Gale
6:00 PM TBA Sunday Evening Specials Speakers, music, movies—see Coming Events Pastor Jay
6:30 PM Weekly Home Fellowship Georgetown Pastor Jay
12-2 PM Weekly Food Ministry (Church) Max & Gail Archer
7:00 PM Weekly Youth Group (Church)  
7:00 PM Weekly Mid-week Service (Church) Bob Clark
9:00 AM Weekly Women’s Bible Study (Church, starting Sept. 27) Kathee McCarl
7:00 PM Weekly College/Career Home Fellowship At the Davis’ Andy & Corrie Davis
7:00 PM Weekly Home Fellowship Volcanoville Allan Tice
6:30 PM TBA Game Night & Potluck (Church—see Coming Events) Bob Clark
8:00 AM Weekly Mens / Womens Prayer (Church) Dale Dollar & Jane Barnhart
6:30 PM Weekly Saturday Nite Church & Potluck Fellowship Hall  

* This message is recorded.


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