Weekly Calendar

10 AM** Weekly Worship & Bible Study* Pastor Jay
10 AM Weekly Children’s Sunday School* Marilyn Gale
8:30-9:30 Monthly Breakfast at Calvary (2nd Sun.)
6:30 PM** Weekly Bible Study* Exodus Pastor Jay
12-2 PM Weekly Food Ministry* Max & Gail Archer
7 PM Weekly Youth Group* Pastor Jim
6:30 PM Weekly Mid-Week Bible Study* James Bob Clark
9 AM** Weekly Women’s Bible Study* 1 Cor. Kathee McCarl
9 AM** Weekly Men’s Bible Study* 1 Kings Pastor Jay
6:30 PM Weekly Young Adult’s Fellowship Pastor Jim
6:30 PM TBA Special EventsStay Tuned! Bob & Paula Clark
8 AM Weekly Men’s & Women’s Prayer* Manny Chaves | Jane Barnhart

* At the Church
** Available on ‘ZOOM’

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