Weekly Calendar

10 AM** Weekly Worship & Bible Study* Pastor Jay
10 AM Weekly Children’s Sunday School* Marilyn Gale
8:30-9:30 Monthly Breakfast at Calvary (2nd Sun.)
6:30 PM** Weekly Bible Study* Book of Numbers Pastor Jay
12-2 PM Weekly Food Ministry* Max & Gail Archer
7 PM Weekly Youth Group* Pastor Jim
6:30 PM Weekly Mid-Week Bible Study* Bob Clark
9 AM** Sept. 29 Women’s Bible Study* Kathee McCarl
9 AM** Weekly Men’s Bible Study* Pastor Jay
6:30 PM TBA Young Adult’s Fellowship Pastor Jim
6:30 PM TBA Special EventsStay Tuned! Bob & Paula Clark
8 AM Weekly Men’s & Women’s Prayer* Manny Chaves | Jane Barnhart

* At the Church
** Available on ‘ZOOM’

One thought on “Weekly Calendar

  1. Sunday, June 26, sermon awesome!
    I loved the part about Pie being a Christian sign! I am also known as Nana Pie!
    My Pie Business and Cooking, Catering, can be used for ministry Ive raised funds.for many causes. Paradise Camp fire victims, memoraials, funerals, town events Church functions, dinners, parties.
    Praise God He is so good and Faithfull! His Mercy Endures Foever!


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