Calvary is…

chuckCalvary Georgetown Divide is part of the Calvary Chapel movement that began in 1965 in Huntington Beach, California, with Pastor Chuck Smith and twenty-five people. The tiny church soon became a key influence in the famous “Jesus Movement”, reaching out to hippies, drug users and social rebels. Hundreds of thousands gave their lives to Christ. From its small beginning, many others answered the call to plant new churches. Today there are Calvary Chapels around the world—and one of them is Calvary Georgetown Divide.

9-11-11_090 copyCALVARY GEORGETOWN DIVIDE began in 1990 as a home fellowship in Cool, California. Led by pastor Jay McCarl, the first meeting had twenty-five adults and several children, most of whom attended Calvary in Auburn. Soon Jay was asked to begin local Sunday services for the people who drove to Calvary Auburn on the treacherous, winding road that traversed the thousand-foot deep American River canyon. Calvary Georgetown Divide celebrated its first Sunday service in January 1991, with more than seventy-five people in attendance. Today, the church is thriving with its content-rich Bible studies and home fellowships. Among Calvary’s other ministries are global missions, active youth and prayer ministries, a weekly food give-away serving hundreds of Divide residents, Israel study tours and more that reflect the loving nature of Jesus.

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