We Meet

Sundays, 10AM and Saturdays, 6:30PM Come as you are. All are welcome.
Meeting Address: 3757 Hwy. 193, Greenwood
Mail Only: P.O. Box 247, Greenwood, CA 95635
Weekly Schedule

When the first Christians met together they worshiped God in song, prayer, reading the Bible and loving each other. Here at Calvary we want the same.

  • We worship God by loving others in action, not just words. Of all things Biblical, this is most like Jesus
  • We worship God in song because it puts our thanksgiving and praise to music
  • We worship God through Bible teaching because God speaks to us through His Book
  • We emphasize prayer because it’s the door to intimate fellowship with God
  • We practice communion and baptism because Jesus said so, and they remind us of Him
  • Above all, we emphasize Jesus as Lord—He’s King, High Priest, Bridegroom, ‘God with us’ and the embodiment of everything His Father wants to show us about Himself

Our sanctuary

Our Meetin’ House

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