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Sundays 10AM
Address3757 Hwy. 193, #247, Greenwood, CA 95635
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Mon. BIBLE STUDY (Exodus) 6:30PM Church
Tues. FOOD GIVE-AWAY 12-2PM Church
Wed. MID-WEEK BIBLE STUDY (Philippians) 6:30PM Church
Thurs. MEN’S BIBLE STUDY (2 Samuel) 9AM Church
“Esther: For Such a Time As This” 9AM Church

COMMUNION 1st Sun. morning of each month

8 thoughts on “Times & Places

  1. I have just recently found Pastor Jay and listened to several sermons. I particularly appreciate the sermons about the Galilaen wedding. It has begun to tie everything together for me. I can’t even explain how much your sermons and your videos have impressed me. (For the first time in a very long time I sort of kind of wish I still lived in CA so I could attend church with you all.) Do you have any sermons on Revelation 16:12 and the Ilisu Dam in Turkey.


    1. Hello Maria—Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Here is the link to my most recent Revelation series (https://coolcalvary.com/free/the-book-of-revelation/), which is about 7 years old and should be updated (soon, I hope). As I recall, I mention the dam but did not elaborate on it. I hope to visit it someday on one of my Turkey tours, but since it’s in a politically unstable region, it will have to wait for now. So glad you are enjoying the sermons! Blessings, Jay


  2. Thank you for this mornings message. Its good to hear your voice. Do you have the Gospel of John on the computer?


  3. I was again listening to your teaching of the Galilean Wedding and when it concluded, the next YouTube video started. It was your December 2019 Prophecy Update. Since it is late late April, I didn’t think it would be too revolutionary, but I decided to listen for a while. It was the best update I ever heard; the current events were right on but what really meant a lot to me was the application of how we should live while waiting, we are the bride, we are the bridesmaids, we are the servants, and we are the stewards. You explained better than I had ever heard how the parables work together. I am Zooming your video tomorrow for the Women’s Bible Study. It will help us order our lives as we wait for our Bridegroom to come and get us. Charis and Shalom!


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