Times & Places

Sundays, 10AM Come as you are. All are welcome.
Meeting Address: 3757 Hwy. 193, Greenwood
Mail Only: P.O. Box 247, Greenwood, CA 95635
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We look forward to meeting you!

Mon. HOME FELLOWSHIP [on break] 6:30PM Georgetown
Tues. FOOD GIVE-AWAY [Still Happening!] 12-2PM Church
Wed. YOUTH GROUP [on break] 7PM Church
Wed. MID-WEEK BIBLE STUDY [on break] Book of Romans, 7PM Church
Thurs.MEN'S BIBLE STUDY [on break] '1 Samuel' 9AM Fellowship Hall
Thurs. WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY [on break] 'Sermon on the Mount' 9AM Church
COMMUNION 1st Sun. of each month

When the first Christians met together they worshiped God in song, prayer, reading the Bible and loving each other. Here at Calvary we want the same.

  • We worship God by loving others in action not just words. Of all things Biblical this is most like Jesus
  • We worship God in song because it puts our thanksgiving and praise to music
  • We worship God through Bible teaching because God speaks to us through His Book
  • We emphasize prayer because it’s the door to intimate fellowship with God
  • We practice communion and baptism because Jesus said so, and they remind us of Him
  • Above all, we emphasize Jesus as Lord—He’s King, High Priest, Bridegroom, ‘God with us’ and the embodiment of everything His Father wants to show us about Himself

2 thoughts on “Times & Places

  1. I have just recently found Pastor Jay and listened to several sermons. I particularly appreciate the sermons about the Galilaen wedding. It has begun to tie everything together for me. I can’t even explain how much your sermons and your videos have impressed me. (For the first time in a very long time I sort of kind of wish I still lived in CA so I could attend church with you all.) Do you have any sermons on Revelation 16:12 and the Ilisu Dam in Turkey.


    1. Hello Maria—Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Here is the link to my most recent Revelation series (https://coolcalvary.com/free/the-book-of-revelation/), which is about 7 years old and should be updated (soon, I hope). As I recall, I mention the dam but did not elaborate on it. I hope to visit it someday on one of my Turkey tours, but since it’s in a politically unstable region, it will have to wait for now. So glad you are enjoying the sermons! Blessings, Jay


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