“Sheep to the Rescue”


One of the most misquoted, misunderstood passages in the Bible is Matthew 18. Jesus looks like this. We can too… (Due to technical difficulties, this message ends at the start of my final thought, which God appeared to deem necessary. Enjoy!)

Pastor Jay McCarl
Matthew 18
July 16, 2017

One thought on ““Sheep to the Rescue”

  1. Bless you Glen—I’ve heard much of Mr. Cornuke and his temple location theory. Unfortunately, his ideas are tremendously flawed and in conflict with enormous archeological, historical, eyewitness and extant empirical evidence. Though his videos were recorded on site, his understanding is greatly lacking. For instance, the Western Wall, which he points out was part of the temple, never was, but rather part of the retaining wall that surrounded the 36 acre platform on which it stood. Further, every ancient and modern historian, every ancient observer, modern scholar and archeologist—whether hyper-religious or secularist critic—overwhelmingly agree that the temple originally stood on the existing platform. The people who adamantly disagree are the Wakf and its Grand Mufti and all fundamentalist Muslim groups bent on the elimination of Israel. Mr. Cornuke’s theory is a welcome idea to these dangerous and disingenuous groups.

    My opinion amounts to very little compared to the scholarship available, but even so, my own study and long-term on site study and observations of the evidence for the temple being situated on the existing platform are at complete odds with Mr. Cornuke’s conclusions. I hope this doesn’t seem too strong a response, but there is no gentle way to comment concerning Mr. Cornuke’s breathtakingly flawed assumptions.

    I recommend you leave the sensationalists behind and stick to the Word as it is-—Jesus is coming soon——there are more than enough signs as of now that it could even be today.


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