“God’s Painful Goodness”


Pastor Jay McCarl
2 Thessalonians 1:4-5
July 9. 2017

4 thoughts on ““God’s Painful Goodness”

  1. Pastor Jay,

    Can you expound on Scott Clarke revelation 12 video? Is there any factual information here?

    Thanks, Glen

    1. Bless you Glen,

      Wow—I don’t know where to begin on Mr. Clark, except to say that he seems thoroughly entrenched in the Jewish Roots movement, that he’s promoting a form of pseudo—judaistic astrology, his understanding of astronomy is sorely lacking and his view of Revelation is heavily influenced by 2nd and 3rd century rabbinical mysticism (which is largely contrary to to both Old and New Testament theology). In other words, no, there is little (if any) factual information in the video, but he has a huge number of views, which I find disconcerting. Good job checking up on such things. Blessings, —j

    1. Bless you Glen—-I can’t approve and am thus not interested in anyone who tries to predict the second coming. Jesus was explicit about people making such presumptions. Planetary alignment happens every few decades, the last notable time was christened “The Jupiter Effect”, which many Christians got excited about as a Biblical sign inflicting a catastrophic gravitational effect on the earth (which is astronomically not possible as described) and nothing happened. Like the four-blood-moons-non-event and the Jupiter Effect, it’s little more heavy rabbinical mysticism and a Christian version of astrology (not astronomy—I was an astronomy minor in university), which falls into the realm of occult and has nothing to do with the signs of the end times. It’s not deep, it’s foolish. Simply trust the Bible simply—this sort of thing muddies the pure water of God’s Word. Blessings. —j

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