“We Are Witnesses–Now What?”


Acts 1:6-26
Pastor Jay McCarl

2 thoughts on ““We Are Witnesses–Now What?”

  1. What is the address of this church? Also, what are the service times? The reason I am asking these questions is because I maybe moving to Georgetown, CA to live with my daughter and we’d like to attend this church. I currently live in Roswell, NM and attend Calvary Chapel here. Also, who is the Pastor at present and how long has he been there? Thank you for all information you can give me.
    Barbara Taylor


    1. Bless you Barbara, and great to hear from you. Love Pastor Jim—he’s an amazing guy. Our church is located at 3757 Hwy. 193, in Greenwood, CA, half way between Cool and Georgetown. Service times ate 10AM Sunday morning and 6:30 PM Saturday evening, with home fellowships during the week. I’ve been here as pastor for 27 years and founded the church as an outreach of CC Auburn. You can read the whole story here: https://coolcalvary.com/we-are/calvary-chapel-is/ and please have a look at the rest of our website, https://coolcalvary.com/. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best!

      Pastor Jay


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