Comments on Controversies

Controversies—the church is full of them. Here are a few articles by Pastor Jay that tackle some tough questions on puzzling—and often divisive—subjects…

Calvinism vs Arminianism

Temple Location Controversy

Blood Moons, Revelation 12 and ‘Christian’ Astrology

Hell and Eternal Punishment: Real or Not?

Atheism’s Tragic Flaw

How the Bible Got So Complicated by the Modern Church

Exposé of Higher Criticism (by Canon Dyson Hague)
“Higher Criticism” is a subtle, slow-acting poison that’s been eroding the veracity of Scripture for more than 200 years. Most troubling of all, it’s been gaining acceptance in churches like never before. Higher Criticism is taught in every secular college, university, divinity school and mass-media outlet in the world as the fundamental means of interpreting history, particularly the Bible—and may be the very root of the Great Apostasy of the Last Days. Insidious indeed. The cure? Know that it’s there, what it is and where it came from. It’s been ignored far too long. (2-Part video class on HC below, by Pastor Jay)