Vic Cordova, Associate Pastor, Worship & Youth Leader

Vic is a gifted worship leader, singer-songwriter and Bible teacher. Saved at the age of four in his mother’s Sunday school class, he attended Bible College in Florida where he earned a degree in Practical Theology. Soon after he became a program director, speaker and worship leader at Forward Bible Camp in Quintette, CA, where for more a decade he ministered to youth during the summer months. Vic has since served many different churches and denominations here and abroad, with the goal of fulfilling Jesus’ two great commandments: knowing and loving God better and showing His love to others.

Among his many pursuits and pastimes, Vic enjoys missions, writing, running, hiking, biking, eating healthy, working out, playing music, picking up hitchhikers, street witnessing and drinking chai tea in coffee shops.

Pastor Vic oversees and teaches the Youth ministry, Saturday Nite Church, the church worship team and is available for ministry throughout the week.