Jay McCarl (Pastor)

Originally schooled as an artist, Jay has served in ministry since 1973, including Campus Life Area Director and as assistant pastors at Calvary Chapels in Orange, Napa, San Diego and Auburn, California. In 1991 Jay pioneered a work in Cool, CA, that became Calvary Georgetown Divide. He later founded Biblical Dinners Ministries, presenting colorful interactive recreations of the Last Supper and Galilean Weddings. He’s an author, speaker, leads study tours of Israel, Jordan, Greece and Turkey and is active in short-term missions.

Jay has Master and Bachelor degrees in Chaplaincy Ministry and serves with Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. He’s been married to his amazing wife Kathee for more than thirty-eight years and has four grown children. Click here to visit Jay’s personal blog.

Vic Cordova (Associate Pastor, Youth & Worship)

Vic is a gifted worship leader, singer-songwriter and Bible teacher. Vic was saved at the age of four in his mother’s Sunday school class. He attended Bible College in Florida where he earned a degree in Practical Theology. Soon after he became a program director, speaker and worship leader at Forward Bible Camp where for more a decade he ministered to youth during the summer months. Vic has since served many different churches and denominations here and abroad, with the life goal of fulfilling Jesus’ two great commandments: knowing and loving God better and showing His love to others.

Among his many pursuits and pastimes, Vic enjoys missions, writing, running, hiking, biking, eating healthy, working out, playing music, picking up hitchhikers, street witnessing and drinking chai tea in coffee shops.

Brit Grim (Associate Pastor & Administration)

Brit received Christ as his Savior at the age of 14 and was blessed to lead his church youth group and Youth for Christ club before high school graduation. His involvement in YFC continued for several years after graduation. He recovered from a “desert” experience at age 25 and has been growing in the Lord ever since. God has used Brit in many roles, including youth leader, Sunday school worker, worship leader, elder, short-term missionary and administrator. He worked as an engineer for forty years, where he traveled the world. As an adventure junkie, God used his travels and gifts to serve in missions in dozens of foreign countries. Married more than 50 years to his awesome bride, Judy, he credits her for encouraging him and showing him ways to improve as a man, a husband, a father, and a man of God

Jim Milne (Associate Pastor & Chaplain)

Jim is both associate pastor at Calvary and Deputy Senior Chaplain at Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, where he’s served for more than twenty years. Jim has also served in prison ministry, a suicide/runaway hotline, missions, youth programs, a Sunday school teacher and administrator, deacon, elder, men’s ministries leader and more.

Jim grew up with an alcoholic father who, to continue in his addiction, sacrificed family, jobs, food and ultimately himself. Life was poor, and as a result of alcohol and drugs, lawless and at times violent. Since committing his life to Jesus in 1977, God has used his past to transform Jim into a Godly husband, dad, pastor and chaplain. If you would like to hear more of Jim’s testimony, just ask him.

Jim enjoys all types of outdoor activities where he appreciates and admires God’s creation. He’s been married to his wife DeeAnn for more than 30 years and have two children, Jeremy and Sara.

Jane Barnhart (Office Servant)

Jane was born in Denver, Colorado, and has lived on the Georgetown Divide since 1969. A Christian since her early twenties, she came to the realization of what it meant for Jesus Christ to be not only her Savior but her Lord, and in 2002 she fully dedicated her life to His service. In 1990 she married her strapping husband Jeff and moved to Garden Valley, where they share a small ranch with four goats and five furry felines. Her son Joseph was born in 1998, and no mom could be more proud or delighted.

Manny Chaves (Elder and die-hard Red Sox fan)

Max Archer (Deacon and Food Closet Administrator)

…and sincere thanks to all who so faithfully serve God’s flock:

Gail Archer, Jeff Barnhart, Forrest & Becky Batson, Patti Chaves, Bob & Paula Clark, Dale & Kathy Dollar, Judi Grim, Max & Tamara Houck, Alan & Jeannie Tice, Wayne & Debra Wilson and all the folks (to numerous to name) serving Jesus at Calvary Georgetown Divide.

2 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hello Jay!
    Barbara Wood here.
    Would you recommend a book for our Home Fellowship group to use as a Bible study. Most of us are over 50, have adult children, and are nearing or have entered retirement. Thank you! I miss you! God’s great blessings on you!! Barbara


    1. Bless you Barbara—miss you down here, and blessings back at you! I highly recommend Gayle Erwin’s The Jesus Style and the Father Style—definitely do both. The Jesus Style has a chapter-by-chapter study guide in the back—really handy. I also recommend A.W, Tozer’s Pursuit of God. No study guide, but it’s only around 120 pages, and it’s pure dynamite. Took him 25 years to write it. These are at the top of my ‘every-Christian-should-read-this’ list, along with Mere Christianity, but that one is pretty dense. Let me know if you need more and I’ll do my best. Blessings!


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