Jay McCarl, Pastor

Originally schooled as an artist, Jay has served in ministry since 1973, including Campus Life Area Director and assistant pastors at Calvarys in Orange, Napa, San Diego and Auburn, CA. In 1991 Jay founded Calvary Georgetown Divide and in ’98 added Biblical Dinners Ministries, featuring unique presentations of the Last Supper, Biblical Weddings and more. He’s an author, speaker, Holy Land tour leader & teacher, active in short-term missions and has “the best job in the world—making the Bible simple.”

Jay has Master & Bachelor degrees in Chaplaincy Ministry and has been a volunteer Chaplain with Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy since ’89. He has been married to his amazing (and patient) wife Kathee for forty years and has four grown children. Click here to visit Jay’s personal blog.

Pastor Jay specializes in teaching ministry, speaking at Sunday morning services and Monday evenings at a Georgetown home fellowship. Jay is available for ministry throughout the week.