Jay McCarl Pastor                                                Jim Milne Pastor

Brit Grim Pastor                                                    Andy Davis


Manny Chaves (Die-hard Red Sox fan)           Max Houck

Bob Clark                                                              Allan Tice


Max Archer                                                          Forrest Batson

Office Servants

Jane Barnhart                                                        Judy Grim

Loydell Marcom                                                   Debora Wilson

Sincere thanks to all those faithfully serving God’s flock (to numerous to name) at Calvary Georgetown Divide. Well done.

2 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hello Jay!
    Barbara Wood here.
    Would you recommend a book for our Home Fellowship group to use as a Bible study. Most of us are over 50, have adult children, and are nearing or have entered retirement. Thank you! I miss you! God’s great blessings on you!! Barbara

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    1. Bless you Barbara—miss you down here, and blessings back at you! I highly recommend Gayle Erwin’s The Jesus Style and the Father Style—definitely do both. The Jesus Style has a chapter-by-chapter study guide in the back—really handy. I also recommend A.W, Tozer’s Pursuit of God. No study guide, but it’s only around 120 pages, and it’s pure dynamite. Took him 25 years to write it. These are at the top of my ‘every-Christian-should-read-this’ list, along with Mere Christianity, but that one is pretty dense. Let me know if you need more and I’ll do my best. Blessings!

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