Here are some worthwhile watches. Enjoy.

“Giant Rocks and Stumbling Blocks” with Pastor Jay

“Pentecost on the Temple Steps” with Pastor Jay

“Ground Zero Planet Earth: It All Ends Here” with Pastor Jay

“A Golden Calf in Dan—and in Church” with Pastor Jay

“Jerusalem: Where the Fate of the World is Sealed” with Pastor Jay

“2000 Years of Wonders in One Place” with Pastor Jay

“God’s Poets” with Pastor Jay

“Jerusalem’s Golden Gate: Jesus is Coming—Here” with Pastor Jay

“The View From Ephesus” with Pastor Jay

“The Judgment Seat of Christ and Corinth: The Bema” with Pastor Jay

“Laodicea: Lessons from a Lukewarm Church” with Pastor Jay

“Ancient Christian Graffiti: Leaving Your Mark” with Pastor Jay

“Istanbul: The Fate of the Church?” with Pastor Jay

“Erastus Was Here…” with Pastor Jay

“A Taste of Living Water” with Pastor Jay

“A Walk Through Ancient Shechem” with Pastor Jay

See more of Jay’s videos on YouTube

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